Seeing God in the Mundane

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As I was standing over the changing table, changing my baby’s diaper, listening to her coo and watching her smile, I had this thought: “I have been in this exact same spot, doing this exact same thing so many times.”

At first it was a bit disheartening. I felt a bout of sadness at how mundane my life is. Almost every day looks exactly the same, with some slight variations here and there. Only very rarely do my days change enough to make a statement, like when we take a vacation. I thought to myself, this is not what I thought my life would be like.

But as I thought about it, I realized that my mundane days are a huge blessing. They are an enormous gift from the Lord. I know so many who would do almost anything for a routine, mundane day. This struck me so powerfully I had to stop and let it sink in.

I have a friend recovering from Stage 4 breast cancer. I know she thanks the Lord for the mundane. After two years of chemo and surgeries and still more surgeries to come, a regular day is a treasure. Another young mom I know is hiding from her abusive husband to keep her kids safe. She doesn’t know where she’ll be from one day to the next and often relies on strangers to have a place to put her kids to bed.

In a world of uncertainty and chaos, standing in front of the same changing table numerous times a day is a blessing. It means I have a sweet baby who is healthy and happy. Doing the eighth load of laundry in a day is a blessing. It means I have a family to care for and love. Grading math for the 100th time in a school year is a blessing. It means my kids are learning in my care and that I have the privilege to keep them at home.

I’m slowly learning that mundane is right where God is. I’m starting to see that he’s in the loads of laundry and the math pages. He knows right where we’re at, and he meets us there. Not only does he meet us there, but he blesses us abundantly with the mundane. And in the mundane is where God teaches us to live a life worthy of Him, where He prepares us for the days when it won’t be routine but where we’ll know chaos and uncertainty, because it will come.

But for now, I’ll enjoy my routine, mundane days. I’ll choose to see God in each chore, in each subject and in each smile on my kids’ faces. And, I’ll thank God for it.


Sarah Schwab


I love your insights. I,

I love your insights. I, too, love to see God in the simple things, and once I see Him there it often elevates those moments to "divine." Thanks for sharing.
Blogger, SeeingGod

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