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Monitoring Auditory Processing

Does your child have good hearing but listen poorly?

Some parents refer to this as selective hearing, but your child may actually have trouble listening. While hearing is the ability to detect sound, listening is how the brain processes auditory information.

Children with poor auditory processing skills tend to exhibit the following problems:

  • Trouble hearing or easily distracted in noisy environments.
Hard time following a conversation or following directions.
Disorganized and forgetful.
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Recommended Reading for Homeschool Parents

Do your homework! Read several of the publications listed below to gain a solid perspective about homeschooling.

  • The Basic Steps to Successful Homeschooling by Vicki A. Brady
  • Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manual (Elementary Grades) by Cathy Duffy
  • Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manual (Junior/Senior High) by Cathy Duffy
  • The Christian Home School, Revised and Updated by Gregg Harris
  • Home Grown Kids: A Practical Handbook for Teaching Your Children by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore

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Education - Searching the Owner's Manual

On April 28th, 2004, the police uncovered a family (father and daughter) deep in the forest in northwest Oregon. Homeless and destitute, the father had opted not to leave his daughter to grow up on the streets. Instead, he took her into the woods, and for four years they lived in a lean-to in the forest. Police were amazed to find the girl clean, healthy, and. . . educated! There in the forest, the father had homeschooled his daughter with nothing but a Bible and a decrepit set of encyclopedias. Officials tested the twelve-year-old and found that she had already achieved a 12th-grade equivalency. Now,ask yourself, how could this be? There was no department of education. No certified teacher. No expensive curriculum. No notice-of-intent to homeschool and no standardized tests. So what was the secret?   READ MORE