Why We Celebrate Christmas

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We can all too easily get wrapped up in the commercialism of Christmas. It happens without realizing it. We start our shopping and baking with the thought that this year, I’m going to take it slow and not spend to much. I’m going to be thoughtful of what it’s all about as the days go by.

Suddenly it’s December 22, and we wonder, “Where did all the days go? What have I done these past weeks, and did I stop even once to remember why I celebrate this season?”

It’s not too late. We still have time to reflect on the miracle of Jesus’ birth. Think about how amazing it is that God chose a simple manger for Jesus’ birth. He could have chosen a five star, state of the art, hospital. He could have had servants and midwives attending the birth. But he didn’t. He chose a humble setting, reminding us that status, wealth, and popularity don’t matter.

What about those he revealed the birth to? They were simple people as well, tending their flocks. He didn’t go first to the government but to the humble shepherds who were willing to hear his message.

God rarely does things in a manner we see fit. I know I would probably have chosen differently. But He is the all-wise God, who knows the past, present, and future. His choices were and are perfect.

Christmas isn’t just about Jesus’ birth. If that were all there was it would just be a nice story. Christmas really is about the cross. Without the cross, we just have another child born to poor parents. But with the end of the story in mind, we can truly celebrate with joy this Christmas season. Let’s not forget how amazing God’s love is for us, “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:8. Because of his great love for us we can have everlasting life.

And everlasting life is why we celebrate Christmas.

As you enjoy your Christmas tree, all lit and decorated, let the evergreen tree remind you of this everlasting life we can all have. As you see gifts wrapped prettily under your tree, let them remind you of the greatest gift ever given by our Heavenly Father. As you bake yummy treats, let them remind you that the sweetest thing is to know Jesus as your Savior. And as you join together with family and friends, may it give you just a taste of how much Jesus loves you.

There is truly no greater reason to celebrate this holiday. In fact, without Christ, there simply would be no holiday in December. What a lonely, dreary thought that is. Thank the Lord today that He gives us a reason to celebrate.
Merry Christmas!
Sarah Schwab


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