Advertisers - Exhibitors - Speakers

thank you to all 2013 exhibitors for making this year's exhibit hall a success - even with the wintry weather!


MÂCHÉ recognizes the advantage of working together with our advertisers, exhibitors, and speakers to benefit the many home educating families in Minnesota. It builds a strong organization and provides a great resource of wisdom, both of which are important in strengthening home education across the nation. 

If you are interested in participating with MÂCHÉ in any of these areas, please follow the instructions on this page.  Note that all advertisers, exhibitors, and speakers must be pre-approved by MACHE before they register.

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Advertising with MACHE

Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MÂCHÉ) is making available to our conference exhibitors (and a few other specially-selected advertisers) the opportunity to purchase advertising space in our 2014 Conference Program Booklet, which will be distributed to over 4,000 attendees at MÂCHÉ's Annual Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair on April 19 - 20, 2013.

NOTE: MÂCHÉ will begin taking applications for the 2013 program booklet ads in October of 2012.  


Ad space in MÂCHÉ's 2014 Conference Program Booklet is priced as follows:

  • Full page ad (7 1⁄2" by 10" printable space)   = $600
  • 1/2 page ad (7 1⁄2" by 4 3⁄4" printable space) = $350
  • 1/4 page ad (3 1⁄2" by 4 3⁄4" printable space) = $220
  • 1/8 page ad (3 1⁄2" by 2 3⁄8" printable space) = $120

The ad must be black and white only – no colors. Final printing is in black and white.

Electronic graphic files will be accepted in PDF and JPEG formats only. Your submission MUST be the correct size of the ad which you have paid for and MUST have a resolution of 300 dpi. Ads designed in word-processing programs (MSWord, WordPerfect), presentation/drawing programs (PowerPoint, Publisher, Paint) or similar programs not uniquely designed for publishing cannot be accepted.

For digitized submissions of Illustrator and Photoshop files: fonts, pictures, images, and a pdf of the complete ad must also be provided separately. Even familiar fonts vary from vendor to vendor and may cause text reflow; so all fonts in your electronic Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file must be provided separately for exclusive use on your ad.

Transmit file submissions to our MÂCHÉ graphic designer with "MÂCHÉ Conference Program Booklet Advertising" in the subject line.

You might consider offering a "Special Deal" in your ad for post-conference purchases. Free shipping, for instance, or 10% off purchases made by a specific date would encourage conference attendees to refer to your ad long after the conference closes, giving your product more exposure than ever before. This is a good place, also, for your web address to appear.


Reimbursement for a cancelled advertisement is as follows:

  • Eight weeks or more before the conference, full refund minus a $25 service fee.
  • Less than eight weeks before the conference, no refund

MÂCHÉ requires adherence to the following general guidelines and reserves the right to limit the size or reject any ad without explanation.

  • The ad must not undermine MÂCHÉ's Statement of Faith. (See bottom of this page)
  • The ad must be pertinent to home education.
  • The ad must not be offensive to Christians.
  • The ad must not be a government-funded program.
  • The ad must be a black and white PDF or JPEG high resolution (print quality) digital file.
  • The ad must be paid for in advance.
  • MACHE reserves the right to limit the size or reject any ad without explanation.

The procedure for purchasing and submitting an ad for the 2013 conference program booklet is as follows:

  • All advertisers MUST purchase their ads online BEFORE they submit their ad files.
  • Go to MÂCHÉ Online Registration at
    • Under EVENTS, select “2013 Conference - Rochester.”
    • Select the Advertisers-Exhibitors-Speakers tab.
    • Go to the “Advertising with MACHE” section, second paragraph, and click on “HERE.”
    • On the page that opens up, enter the password that you were provided in your invitation letter.
    • Purchase the number and size of ads that you wish to place in the MÂCHÉ Conference Program Booklet.
    • Ad purchases MUST be made by January 31, 2013.
  • You will receive an invoice/receipt from MÂCHÉ via email.
  • Forward a copy of the invoice/receipt to our MÂCHÉ graphic designer. This will let her know what size ad you have purchased and she can reserve the ad space while waiting for your ad files.
  • Transmit the digitized files to our MACHE graphic designer. All ad files MUST be submitted no later than February 7, 2013.
  • Make sure you give your complete contact information so the graphic designer can contact you if she has questions or needs additional information.



Submissions for the 2013 MÂCHÉ Conference exhibit hall will be accepted beginning in September 2012. Products or services for sale should be of educational use to homeschooling families. The MÂCHÉ board reserves the right to accept or reject an exhibitor without explanation.


Exhibitors who have participated at the MÂCHÉ conference within the past three years will be considered for the 2013 conference.


New exhibitors for the 2013 MÂCHÉ conference must submit the following information:

  • Brief biographical sketch of yourself and your business
  • Brochure or catalogue of your business
  • Sample of what you would be selling
  • Your website address
  • Your current working email address
  • The name of the person with whom we would be corresponding
  • MÂCHÉ will continue to invite new exhibitors until the exhibit hall is full. MÂCHÉ will post a notice on this page when we are no longer accepting applications. Submitted materials will not be returned.

Address your correspondence to:

       Conference Exhibit Hall Director
       P.O. Box 32308
       Fridley, MN 55432


All invited exhibitors, whether or not they attend the MÂCHÉ conference, may participate in two advertising opportunities: the conference program booklet and in our conference bags.

MÂCHÉ conference program booklet, an attractive, 36-page booklet, contains details of the conference weekend and numerous exhibitor advertisements. MÂCHÉ distributes copies at the conference to over 3,000 attending families.

Conference bags contain a collection of advertising flyers from various homeschool-related businesses. Bags are distributed to each of the 3,000 attending families. MÂCHÉ has selected as its bagging service.

Once accepted as an exhibitor, you will receive further information in your exhibitor invitation letter concerning both of these opportunities.

  • September 1: MÂCHÉ will begin reviewing information from exhibitor and advertiser candidates.
  • Mid-September: MÂCHÉ will send all selected exhibitors and advertisers an invitation and instructions for online registration. This letter will explain the details of exhibiting, including costs and availability of workshop times, advertising with, and purchasing advertisements in the conference program booklet.
  • Late October: Exhibitors who wish to have their names included in the conference brochure (please note that this is a different MACHE publication than the conference program booklet) must complete an application by this time in order to meet publication deadlines. If space in the exhibit hall is available after this deadline, you may still submit an application to be an exhibitor. Advertisers may continue to submit advertising applications.
  • January 1: The conference brochure will be mailed to all of the previous three years' attendees and all MÂCHÉ members. MÂCHÉ conference registration will begin.
  • Mid-January: Advertiser applications must be completed by this time in order to be included in the conference program booklet. The specific deadline is included in your advertising invitation letter.
  • Early March: Application to participate in the advertising opportunity must be complete. The specific deadline varies according to the date of our annual conference. Contact MÂCHÉ at 763-717-9070 (toll free: 866-717-9070) for information.

1.  What does it cost to exhibit?

One booth - $400.00
Two booths - $850.00
Three booths - $1450.00
Two-booth EndCap - $1085.00*
Four-booth EndCap - $2500.00*
Exhibitor Workshop - $100.00
Name tags – two free per booth, then $10.00 each additional
(*There are no EndCaps available at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester.)

2.  What size are the booths?

10x10 in Duluth and St. Paul
8x10 in Rochester

3.  What is included in a booth?

One 8x2 table
Two folding chairs

4.  What are the set up and tear down days and times?

Set up is Thursday from 1:00p-9:00p
Tear down is Saturday beginning at 5:30p until done

5.  What are the exhibit hall hours?

Friday and Saturday from 8:00a-5:30p

6.  When can I get into the exhibit hall in the mornings? ​

7:00 am

7.  What is included in the exhibitor workshop room?

A standard overhead projector, a screen, a microphone and a lectern. If you need a PowerPoint projector, you will have to make those arrangements through the DECC (when in Duluth) or Brede (when in St. Paul or Rochester), or bring your own.

8.  What is the cancellation policy?

  • Should you need to cancel your booth space or workshop(s) you will receive a full refund less $25.00 handling fee if you cancel at least eight weeks prior to the conference.
  • If you need to cancel at any point between five and eight weeks before the conference there will be a half refund less the $25.00 handling fee.
  • Any cancellations within the last five weeks will receive no refund.
  • There are no refunds on extra nametag charges.
  • Also, there will only be a refund on cancelled advertisements if the cancellation is received at least 8 weeks prior to the conference.

9.  How do I order electricity or Internet use?

These need to be ordered directly from the facility. Forms are available online at the facility’s web site.

10. How do I ship my product to the convention site?

Check with Brede for shipping to St. Paul and the Mayo Civic Center.
Check online at for Duluth.

11. Where do I unload? Where do I park?

Each facility has a web site that exhibitors can go to and download maps for both loading and parking. See the web addresses listed above.

12. Can I bring food into the convention hall?

No, unless you have a specific medical need (such as diabetes) and then you need to have medical proof (a medical alert ID tag, a prescription, a doctor’s note, etc.)

13. What is the sales tax?

Sales tax for Rochester is 7.375% (2013)
Sales tax for St. Paul is 7.625% (2012)
Sales tax for Duluth is 7.875% (2012)

14. Can I receive an advanced copy of the exhibit hall floor plan?


15. When will I receive information regarding next year’s conference?

All Exhibitors selected by the MÂCHÉ Board will receive a letter of invitation for the Conference Exhibit Hall by October. This information explains all the details necessary to register.


Speaking for MACHE

There are two types of speaking opportunities at the annual MÂCHÉ Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair: MÂCHÉ Workshop Speaker and Exhibitor Workshop Speaker.


The MÂCHÉ board invites speakers to share practical information on a variety of subjects of interest to homeschooling families. MÂCHÉ begins inviting speakers during the summer months, so begin your application process early.

Please submit the following information:

  • Biographical sketch with a picture
  • Website address
  • Contact information, including a current working e-mail address
  • List of references or conferences where you have spoken in the past
  • Titles and descriptions of the workshop topics that you present
  • An audio recording of one of your workshops

Address your correspondence to:

       Conference Speaker/Workshop Director
       P.O. Box 32308
       Fridley, MN 55432

MÂCHÉ will keep your information for several years and use it as we consider future speakers. The conference director will contact you if your workshop presentation(s) correlate with the overall goal and theme of the current conference. MÂCHÉ does not return submitted materials.

The MÂCHÉ Board of Directors decides which speakers to invite to speak at our conference and reserves the right to accept or reject any speaker without explanation.


When the MÂCHÉ Board of Directors accepts an exhibitor's application to sell products or services in the exhibit hall at the annual conference, we also send him or her an application for participation as an exhibitor workshop speaker.

Exhibitor workshop speakers conduct workshops that demonstrate and/or explain products or services that they offer as exhibitors at the MÂCHÉ Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair.

For more information about being an exhibitor at a MÂCHÉ conference, go to the "EXHIBITING WITH MÂCHÉ" section above.



The corporation will promote and its board members and officers will believe and profess the following Statement of Faith:

The Bible is the verbally* inspired, infallible, literal, written, Word of God and constitutes His completed and final revelation to man. It is the sole rule of faith and practice for the believer. The Bible, in its original autographs**, is without error in whole and in part, including theological concepts as well as geographical and historical details.

God has existed from all eternity in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ was God, conceived of the Holy Spirit, come in human flesh, born of a virgin, being fully God and fully man, except without sin.

We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.
Apart from Christ, all men are in violation of God’s righteous requirements and His holy character both by nature and act, and are therefore under His wrath and just condemnation.

The central purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ was Man’s redemption, to demonstrate God’s all-holy character that He alone is just and the One Who justifies. Jesus Christ alone paid the penalty for man’s sin through His substitutionary death on the cross, the successful accomplishment of which was attested to by His subsequent visible, bodily resurrection.

Salvation is God’s free gift to the sinner. By God’s grace alone, this gift must be responded to by individual repentance with faith, not trusting in any personal works whatsoever, but in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the Church – a living, spiritual body of which Christ is the head and of which all regenerated people in this age are members. We believe that a local church is a company of believers in Jesus Christ, and associated for worship, work, fellowship, and learning together. We believe that the local church is critical to God’s purpose for this age and that every Christian should be accountable to and involved with a local church.

We believe God has given parents the responsibility of training and teaching their own children.”


*”verbally” – that is, “every word” of the original writings of Scripture was given by the Holy Spirit who superintended each writer and used the unique background and style of each writer in selecting the precise words God wanted to use. In other words, each writer of the Scripture was controlled by the Holy Spirit of God in the choice of the words which he used in communicating divine truth. (Matthew 5:18; 1 Corinthians 2:13; 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21)

**”autographs” – a person’s own handwriting or self-recording. Each writer’s original manuscript. Inspiration does not necessarily apply to copies of the original manuscript.