The Class of 2013

Join us as homeschool graduates from around the state acknowledge the culmination of twelve years of diligent training and commence into the world "to make a difference".

2013 MÂCHÉ Commencement Ceremony

Saturday, May 18, 2014, at one o'clock in the afternoon

Cedar Valley Church in Bloomington, Minnesota

If your student would like to participate in the 2013 MÂCHÉ-sponsored commence-ment ceremony, we will be happy to send you a commencement information packet. The packet will explain in more detail everything involved in sharing in this exciting event, such as planning meetings, fees, caps and gowns, volunteer projects, class motto, student choir, and more. 

The planning meetings with parents and graduates will be held on Saturdays  January 26, February 23, and May 4. This is a great time to get to know other graduating families. Help us make this a very memorable and God-honoring day!


The John and Lynne Cooke Scholarship

The John and Lynne Cooke Scholarship is awarded annually to two home educated individuals participating in the commencement who demonstrate “the spirit of selfless service and ministry to the community and the body of Christ as exemplified by John and Lynne Cooke.” 

The two $500 scholarships can be used for purposes such as post-secondary schooling, missionary work, apprentice-ship opportunities, or getting started in a career.

The recipients of these scholarships will be chosen by John and Lynne Cooke through an anonymous selection process and are awarded at the annual MÂCHÉ commencement ceremony. Application for the scholarships is optional.

The recipients of these scholarships will be selected by John and Lynne Cooke. The scholarships are not awarded for good grades or popularity, although these attributes may be positive “byproducts.” Rather, they are awarded for a proven genuine love for God, good character, a ministry mindset, and a life of selfless service. Participation is optional and recipients will be chosen anonymously.

Additional Information

The MÂCHÉ-sponsored Commencement, which relies on parents’ and students' involvement, includes a formal ceremony with caps and gowns, graduate speeches, and musical presentations performed by the graduates. MÂCHÉ facilitates the commencement by securing a location, furnishing caps and gowns, making arrangements for reception activities, ‘off-setting’ part of the expenses, scheduling monthly planning meetings, and guiding graduates and their parents in planning the ceremony. Families share in the cost of the commencement and commit to attending the three monthly planning meetings.

Participation in the commencement ceremony in no way implies that MÂCHÉ has endorsed or approved the course of study of the graduating student. MÂCHÉ commencement participants are required to have been homeschooled for at least the last two consecutive years and to be MÂCHÉ members. Graduates of nonpublic schools in Minnesota (which include homeschools) are not required to take any of the state-mandated tests that are required for public school commencement.

If you would like more information about the MÂCHÉ commencement ceremony, please contact the Commencement Coordinator at 763- 717-9070 (1-866-717-9070),, or MÂCHÉ, P.O. Box 32308, Fridley, MN, 55432. Be sure to include the following information: student’s name, parents’ names, address, telephone, and working email address.

Family, friends, and interested others are welcome to attend. Please join us!