Nathan Volle

After studying several years toward an electrical engineering degree---which included taking a year of astronomy---Nathan changed his career direction to become a construction electrician. He worked at Fermilab doing new construction on high-energy particle accelerator experiments. One of these projects was the 5 million ton collider detector which was used to confirm the existence of the top quark in 1995, something Nathan remarks that Jesus knew about before man was created.

Even in his younger years Nathan was amazed at the intricacies of God’s world and how it worked. When he worked as a short-term missionary in Liberia West Africa for 1 ½ years, Nathan began sharing  planetarium presentations at radio station ELWA with the missionaries and nationals.

Seven years ago, as a better bridge to share the glories of God to others, Nathan acquired his inflatable planetarium and began taking it around the Chicagoland area as a part of his science and astronomy presentations.