Timothy Botts

The work of Timothy R. Botts reaches back to letterforms as old as first century and combines contemporary graphic design principles with them in order to express the meaning of great words. He is interested in interweaving background, text and image so that they become one. He is always trying to strike a balance between visual expression and legibility with the goal of giving a face to that which is spirit.

Tim Botts has a BFA in graphic design from Carnegie-Mellon University during which time he apprenticed in calligraphy with Arnold Bank. He spent three years in Japan teaching conversational English and was influenced by the rich tradition of their brush writing. He has designed more than 600 books for Tyndale House Publishers near Chicago where he is senior art director. Nine books of his own work are published, including Doorposts, Messiah, and a Bible illustrated in his calligraphy. He is a part time instructor with College of DuPage and has taught workshops internationally. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Newberry Library. Most recently he helped form Masterpiece Ministries, an outreach to high school students in the arts. He and his wife Nancy are the parents of three grown children and eleven grandchildren.

For more information, visit Tim's website at www.timbotts.com