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From Grand Rapids to Rochester, Fergus Falls to Willmar, and metro areas in between, MÂCHÉ’s workshop presenters Sheila Bien and Sandy Norlin have gotten around. Their purpose is to work with host support groups to bring two popular and enlightening workshops to home educating families around the state. These workshops are a service provided by MÂCHÉ to inform families who are new to homeschooling or thinking about this educational option for their family. The workshops are also given to help parents with children moving into the high school years to give them solid information regarding that next step in the process.

Considering Homeschooling Workshop (CHW)

The Considering Homeschooling Workshop is a special workshop for families that are interested in gaining information to make an informed decision regarding home education as an option for their children. It also has helpful information for families that have recently begun homeschooling. It covers what the homeschooling lifestyle is like, curriculum choices, Minnesota statutes regarding home education, learning style options, benefits and costs, socialization and support groups, among other things. There is ample time to cover questions from seasoned home educators Sheila and Sandy. It also introduces the area support group to families in attendance as well. There is always a broad range of curriculum to browse to see the different options that are on the market, but there are no sales of curriculum at the workshops.

Finishing the Journey: Homeschooling through High School (FTJ)

The other workshop entitled, Finishing the Journey: Homeschooling through High School, continues by answering the questions homeschooling families have when they are going into the high school years. Topics covered include transcripts and recordkeeping, college prep testing, CLEP, AP, DTTS and PSEO options, non-college options, creating class summaries, what to do about the hard subjects, and more.

Support groups can choose to bring one or both of these workshops to their area. Hosting a workshop day is easy for support groups to do and MÂCHÉ looks forward to bringing these valuable workshops to your area. We are currently looking for host groups for the summer months. Please contact MÂCHÉ at if you want more information, or are interested in bringing these workshop seminars to your area.



We are currently finalizing two CHW & FTJ workshops for this summer. Please check back for more information.