2011 Conference - MP3 Set

2011 Conference - MP3 Set

[Audio Product Set]

This is a collection of 103 talks from the 2011 Conference.  The talks come as MP3 files on a DVD.  You copy the files from the DVD to your computer and, once they are on your computer, by dragging them into iTunes (or Windows Media Player) you can:

  • Listen on your computer
  • Move the to a smartphone or MP3 player and listen there
  • Make your own audio CDs
  • Make MP3 CDs

Instructions are provided as a PDF file on the DVD.

This product includes

Preview # Title Price
Getting Off to a Great Start, $3.50
Organizing Your School Time, $3.50
Understanding Your Child, $3.50
Which Way Do I Go?, $3.50
Developing a Plan, $3.50
High School Transcript Clinic, $3.50
Important Pit Stops during High School, $3.50
Preparing Your Teen for Life, $3.50
POPS: Wearing the Mommy/Teacher Hat, $3.50
Looking Ahead to High School: Preparing Now to Be Equipped, $3.50
The Tupperware Toy, $3.50
If I’m Diapering A Watermelon, Then Where’d I Leave the Baby?, $3.50
The Horror of the Flood, $3.50
Struggling Learners, Struggling Teachers, $3.50
Ten Training Tips for Running the Homeschool Marathon, $3.50
Academics for the Glory of God, $3.50
Gaining Confidence to Teach, $3.50
Classical Education and the One Room Schoolhouse, $3.50
ELM: Supporting the Home Educator’s Curriculum, $3.50
Experience Excellence in Writing, $3.50
Vital Principles for Making Biblical Choices in Life, $3.50
Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education, $3.50
How to End Every Discipline Time with A Positive Conclusion, $3.50
The Logic of English, $3.50
You Can Home School Through High School...If You Can Make It Through Tomorrow, $3.50
Teaching Responsibility by Knowing and Doing the Right Thing, $3.50
Don’t Miss the Gift in This Child, $3.50
The Mystery of the Dinosaurs, $3.50
Hope for Parents Raising Kids with Fetal Alcohol, $3.50
Raising Children to Be Intentional Christians in a “Whatever” World, $3.50
Designing Your Own Literature Program - A Scope and Sequence Workshop, $3.50
Charlotte Mason and Her Methods, $3.50
POPS: Growing with Literature, $3.50
Unlock the Smart in Your Child, $3.50
The Works Trilogy, $3.50
Mingling Properly as a Missionary in Mexico and Latin America, $3.50
Vision Related Learning Disorders, $3.50
Finding Your Family’s Learning Style, $3.50
The Unified Approach to Teaching, $3.50
Raising Kids Who Love to Learn with Guidance, Great Books, and Good Times, Ltd., $3.50
Record-keeping for High School: Simplifying the Process, $3.50
Choose the Hard Things, $3.50
What Are You THINKING? Learning Styles and Beyond, $3.50
Exploring Courtship - Finding a Mate in Treacherous Times, $3.50
Overcoming Learning Difficulties Together, $3.50
Ten Deadly Myths about Homeschooling Math!, $3.50
Simplicity as a Way of Life, $3.50
Learning with Living Books, $3.50
POPS: Show and Tell, $3.50
Rosetta Stone Homeschool Foreign Language Curriculum, $3.50
Creation Science Environmental Learning Center, $3.50
PSEO: Maximize Your Student’s Time, Money and Potential, $3.50
Why Accredit Your Home School?, $3.50
Combining Classical Education..., $3.50
Secrets of Great Spelling, $3.50
High School Resources at the Click of a Mouse, $3.50
Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World, $3.50
A Prodigal Speaks Out, $3.50
The Pillars of Evolution, $3.50
If 80% Can’t Keep a Job, What Does Transition Look Like?, $3.50
My Child Loves to Write...and I’m Not Sure What to Do!, $3.50
Legally Speaking...Homeschooling and the Law in Minnesota, $3.50
Laying Down the Rails: The Power of Good Habits in Your Homeschool, $3.50
Gaining Confidence to Learn, $3.50
Camping in Your Child’s Life, $3.50
Latin, the Secret Weapon of Successful Students, $3.50
Making History Come Alive, $3.50
Occupying Preschoolers While Teaching Older Children, $3.50
Imagination Investigation: Developing Discernment in a Fictional Fashion, $3.50
Teaching Math with Manipulatives, $3.50
The Scoop on Taking Tests for Teens, $3.50
Understanding Seven Secrets of Hitting the Mark, $3.50
Creative Use of the Holidays in Homeschooling, $3.50
The Return to Genesis, $3.50
Is Homeschooling Algebra Hurting Your Relationship with Your Kids?, $3.50
“You Have How Many Kids!?”, $3.50
Teaching the Classics..., $3.50
The Quiet Schooling of Nature, $3.50
Making Geography Memorable, $3.50
Reading Works, $3.50
How to Correct Children with an Eye on the Heart, $3.50
Moti-Venture: Motivating Kids Through Adventure, $3.50
Charting the Course for High School at Home, $3.50
Deo Cantamus - Singing Experiences for Children, $3.50
The AL Abacus and RightStart Mathematics, $3.50
The College Admissions Process, $3.50
If You Left THEIR School Because..., $3.50
Help! I Fell Off My Lesson Plan!, $3.50
Lost Secrets of the Ancient Civilizations, $3.50
“How Long Does God Expect Me to Do This?”, $3.50
Biblical Discipline - Raising an Eager, Obedient Learner, $3.50
How to Be the Healthiest Homeschool Family..., $3.50
The Natural Approach to Teaching Thinking Skills, $3.50
Preparing Sons for Life...The Mom’s Part, $3.50
A Well-Planned Day? Yes, It Is Possible!, $3.50
Becoming the Leader God Intended You to Be: Seven Leadership Principles, $3.50
Preventing and Teaching Struggling Readers and Spellers, $3.50
How to Homeschool Many Kids, $3.50
Wisdom Spelling, $3.50
The Secret of Adding Spice to any Curriculum, $3.50
The Day I Burned My Neighbor’s House Down, $3.50
Running the Race, $3.50

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