MACHE Homeschool Workshops

By: Kris Cox, Cheri Frame

For those who would like to attend one of the MACHE Homeschool Workshops, please go to the “Events” tab (above the banner photo) to determine if there is an upcoming workshop near you.

As a service to the homeschool community, MÂCHÉ is offering workshops on how to begin homeschooling and workshops on homeschooling through high school. Veteran homeschoolers, Kris Cox and Cheri Frame, are the presenters. These would be presented in cooperation with support groups throughout the state of Minnesota. (See workshop descriptions below.)

As a sponsor for the workshop, your homeschool group would be responsible for securing and setting up the venue, advertising in your area and within your group, and providing beverages and snacks for your attendees during the workshops.  Your homeschool group will receive $2.00 per each paid registration to help cover your costs for hosting.  MÂCHÉ will take care of all preregistration online and will advertise in The Non-Paper MÂCHÉ.

If your homeschool group would like to host one or both of these workshops, please contact MÂCHÉ to set one up.


  • Homeschool Workshop: Firm Foundations

Homeschooling is a great privilege and blessing as well as a big responsibility. There’s a lot to learn about homeschooling, with every year being a new adventure!  This informative 3-hour workshop is meant to help you build a firm foundation for your homeschool. We’ll discuss many important aspects of homeschooling such as current MN homeschool laws, teaching tips, choosing curriculum, scheduling, planning, avoiding burnout, dealing with resistant learners, understanding learning styles, and ideas for developing a love for learning in your children. A great workshop for the beginning homeschooler but also perfect for the homeschooling parent who needs renewed vision and direction or guidance in any of the areas listed here. You’ll receive relevant information to assist you in providing an excellent education for your children. Please Note: There will be no childcare provided.

  • Homeschool Workshop:  High School and Beyond

Homeschooling through high school might seem intimidating, but be encouraged! These can be the most enjoyable and influential years you have with your teens. This seminar will help you develop a comprehensive 7-12th grade plan. Starting with a strong academic foundation of high school courses and credits, you will learn how to individualize your students’ education based on their graduation goals. You will also learn how to create a transcript, include earning college credit in high school with PSEO and CLEP, and explore the guiding steps for career exploration. Parents and students alike will gain confidence and be encouraged to homeschool through high school as they see the big picture unfold and create a vision for these extraordinary years. Teens are encouraged to attend with you at no charge!

Comments from our Attendees:

“I would recommend this workshop to others. It was very helpful all the way around.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!”

“Thanks! You are amazing. Wonderful presentation. Thanks for accommodating our location, times, etc.!”

“This workshop was wonderful! I would recommend it wholeheartedly! Thank you!”

“Great job! Such a blessing to hear a focus of praying and relying on the LORD in the whole homeschool journey!”

“Very thorough!”

This workshop was well done. Thank you for the consideration you’ve put into this workshop.”


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Kris Cox

Kris Cox and her husband Bruce homeschooled their four children for 17 years, finishing their homeschool journey when their youngest graduated in 2011.  Kris’s passion for encouraging and helping homeschool parents led her to become a homeschool consultant in 2012….



Cheri Frame

Cheri Frame enjoys working as an educational consultant to share resources, equip parents, and encourage students to graduate with a vision for their future. As a veteran homeschool parent, she founded Credits Before College where she specializes in the areas of high school…