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Thank you for your interest in advertising in The Paper MÂCHÉ quarterly magazine, the NonPaper MÂCHÉ bi-monthly e-newsletter, and the MÂCHÉ website homepage. We also appreciate your interest in supporting MÂCHÉ's ongoing ministry through our advertising opportunities to help us better encourage, equip, and educate Minnesota home educating families.

Below, you will find indepth information about each of these advertising areas. If you have questions that are not answered on these pages, please contact MÂCHÉ's Advertising Coordinator at

The Paper MÂCHÉ Magazine Advertising

Thank you for your interest in advertising in The Paper MÂCHÉ, a printed, full-color, 32+ page magazine of Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MÂCHÉ), that is mailed to nearly 2,000 homeschool family units in Minnesota and neighboring states, in addition to being posted on the MÂCHÉ website. The magazine is published quarterly with the focus of each issue on providing information for parents who have chosen to home educate by encouraging, equipping, and educating them to be the very best parent-teachers possible. The Paper MÂCHÉ is an excellent opportunity to tell Minnesota home educating families about your product or service. All advertisements included in our magazine must support MÂCHÉ’s philosophy and purpose of promoting and supporting parent-led, family-funded, relationship-based home education. MÂCHÉ reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisements without explanation.

Advertising Deadlines:

Magazine Issue
Winter - Conference Issue

Ad Submission Deadline
November 20

Arrives in Mailboxes
January 1

Magazine Issue
Spring - Graduation Issue

Ad Submission Deadline
February 20

Arrives in Mailboxes
April 1

Magazine Issue
Summer - Back-to-School Issue

Ad Submission Deadline
May 20

Arrives in Mailboxes
July 1

Magazine Issue
Fall - Thanksgiving-Christmas Issue

Ad Submission Deadline
August 20

Arrives in Mailboxes
October 1

Magazine Issue
Convention Program Booklet

Ad Submission Deadline
January 31

Arrives in Mailboxes
Distributed at MÂCHÉ Convention


  • The circulation for Spring, Summer, and Fall Issues of The Paper MÂCHÉ is approximately 1,500 family units per issue.
  • The Winter Issue (Dec/Jan - Convention Issue) circulation of The Paper MÂCHÉ is approximately 3,000 family units.
  • The Convention Program Booklet is distributed to approximately 2,000 convention attendees.
  • All issues are also posted on the MÂCHÉ website and distributed to potential new home educators.


MÂCHÉ requires adherence to the following general guidelines for all submissions (articles, announcements, and advertisements):

  • They must not undermine MÂCHÉ's Statement of Faith.
  • They must be pertinent to home education.
  • They must not be offensive to Christians.
  • They must not be a government-funded program.
  • They must be paid for in advance.

MÂCHÉ reserves the right to limit the size or reject any item without explanation.


All artwork must be a camera-ready, full-color PDF or JPG high-resolution (print quality) digital file. Artwork must be sized to the exact specifications listed in the “Advertising Rates” section. We reserve the right to make minor sizing adjustments to any ads that do not fit these exact sizing specifications. Bleeds are not allowed. It is recommended that any wording be kept at least ⅛” from the edge of your ad.

NOTE: There may be a charge of $50/hour for any ads that do not meet these specifications or ads that require modifications by our graphic artist. We will notify you in advance if these changes are necessary.

Magazine Finished Size:

8.5” horizontal x 11” vertical

Advertising Rates:

Advertising rates are listed below. Payments and ad copy must be received no later than the submission deadline listed above. Ads will be positioned in the main at the editor’s discretion.

Ad Size
Full Page
(7.5" x 10" printable space)

1 Issue

2 issues

3 issues

Winter Issue

Convention Program Booklet

Ad Size
Half Page
(7.5" x 4.75" printable space)

1 Issue

2 issues

3 issues

Winter Issue

Convention Program Booklet

Ad Size
Quarter Page
(3.5" x 4.75" printable space)

1 Issue

2 issues

3 issues

Winter Issue

Convention Program Booklet

Ad Size
Eighth Page
(3.5" x 2.375" printable space)

1 Issue

2 issues

3 issues

Winter Issue

Convention Program Booklet


All advertisers MUST purchase their ads online BEFORE they submit their ad files.

  • For the actual process of purchasing an advertisement, refer to the “Advertiser & Exhibitor Instructions for Registering Online” page included in the exhibitor invitation letter.
  • Once you have paid for your ad, you will receive an automated receipt from MÂCHÉ via email.
  • Transmit the digital files to MÂCHÉ at, with “Advertising Digital Files” in the subject line. Also, indicate in which publication the ad is to be placed.  All files must be submitted by the submission deadline indicated on the chart above.
  • Make sure you give your complete contact information so we can contact you if we have questions or need additional information.

Advertising Terms:

The advertising purchase is for space only. Content of ads may be changed by the advertiser for each issue. The MÂCHÉ executive director may void this agreement if the terms and conditions for insertion of advertising in The Paper MÂCHÉ are not met.

  • Payment terms: Advertisers must be pre-approved before they submit their payment. Payment is due before artwork materials are submitted and must be made by the submission deadline for each issue.
  • Frequency discounts: The multiple-issue rates apply to at least one ad insertion in consecutive issues. Frequency discounts are not retroactive to prior advertising insertions. They only apply to current and future insertions.
  • Cancellations: Advertising cancellations will only be accepted in writing via email on or before the advertising submission deadline as noted in this contract. All orders are non-changeable and non-cancelable after the advertising submission deadlines.  After this condition is met, the advertiser will receive a full refund, minus a $25 service fee. (See “Advertising Deadlines” chart above.)
  • Advertising Materials: If an advertiser chooses to purchase space in multiple issues but does not send new copy before the additional issue’s submission deadline, the editor will insert the ad that was most recently published.
  • Position: The advertisement will be placed in the magazine in the best location as determined by the editor.
  • Conditions: The contents of advertisements are subject to pre-approval by the editor and executive director. Placement of advertising in the magazine assumes agreement with all stated policies. Advertisement must support and promote the MÂCHÉ vision of parent-led, family-funded, relationship-based home education. Advertisements for schools (public or private) will not be accepted, nor will programs that replace the parent as the primary teacher in the core subjects of reading, grammar, mathematics, science, and social studies. MÂCHÉ reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time for any reason.

NonPaper MÂCHÉ E-newsletter Advertising

The NonPaper MÂCHÉ (NPM) is a twice-monthly e-newsletter sent to approximately 3,000 family units. The purpose of the NPM is to inform Minnesota home educators of upcoming events and important news items that need immediate attention.

MÂCHÉ offers the opportunity for pre-approved advertisers to run a display advertisement in the NPM. These ads are integrated into the text of the email. The ad will consist of a 140x140px JPEG, a 10-word bold headline, and 50 words of copy. You may include text links and specify a link for the image.

MÂCHÉ can track the number of readers (usually above 50% opens for each issue) and click-throughs to your site. This information will be provided at your request.

A submitted ad should be a camera-ready, high-density photo, jpeg file.


  • 2 issues (1 month) - $25
  • 4 issues (2 months) - $45
  • 8 issues (4 months) - $85


The NPM is emailed twice monthly all year long. Insertion orders and materials are due the 15th of the preceding month.


Occasionally, MÂCHÉ will send out to our 3,000+ email list recipients a special email on behalf of our ministry sponsors, conference exhibitors, or special homeschool-related businesses.  The E-Blast is dedicated to one advertiser only with one announcement only. 

We offer a limited number of spots for sale. Check for availability and to reserve a date:  E-Blasts may be sent any time of the year. Cost is $300 per each E-Blast.

E-Blast copy should be sent in PNG or GIF format and should be no larger than 5MB. The ad should be no wider than 600 pixels, but can be as long as needed. Include a link to your website for us to attach to your E-Blast.

Website Advertising

An average of more than 7,500 unique visitors visit the MÂCHÉ website each month. The ad spaces available are 300x150px and 300x300px in size and should be in jpeg format. Each individual advertiser must submit the proper HTML code to permit tracking of site visitors launching from any MÂCHÉ webpage. MÂCHÉ does not provide information to visitors clicking on any webpage advertisement. All ads must conform to the size constraints listed or MÂCHÉ reserves the right to make modifications as necessary. MÂCHÉ reserves the right to accept or reject any ad without explanation.

The rates for website ads are:

Length of Time:           1 month

Ad Size:                       150x150px

Cost:                             $125

Length of Time:          1 month

Ad Size:                       300x300px

Cost:                            $250