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LearningRx centers in Minnesota are partnering with MACHE to provide FREE online cognitive assessments to MACHE member families. This assessment provides insights into how your child’s brain works, which skills are strong or weak, and how you can help them learn more easily.  Now through April 25th, you can register up to four family members for this free online cognitive assessment.

This testing normally costs $149 per assessment, but is being made available for FREE to MACHE members through a grant from the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research.

Cognitive skills govern the way someone’s brain interacts with the world around them. When cognitive skills are strong, learning comes easily. If cognitive skills are weak, focusing, thinking, reading, and learning can become a daily struggle. 

The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills measures core cognitive skills like attention, memory, processing speed, auditory processing, logic, visual processing, and more to help you uncover how your children learn and what may be making learning more difficult for some children.

By understanding their cognitive skills, you can finally understand things such as…

  • WHY reading doesn’t click
  • WHY math is such a fight
  • WHY you have to say everything 3 times before it sticks
  • WHY keeping your child engaged, focused, and motivated is such a struggle

Many learning struggles can be traced back to these core areas, and uncovering them is the first step towards easier learning and greater confidence!

Families who complete the testing have the opportunity to attend a workshop in person at the MACHE Convention in Rochester on May 19-20 or online via Zoom to learn more about the test, how to understand what the results mean, and how to use the results to adapt your homeschooling instruction.

Be sure to register online by April 25th to participate in this free opportunity.  Online registration is available at: https://forms.gle/hYmpu8pLjbTcu1c68

All student information and test results are kept confidential.