2010 Conference – Complete MP3 Set


Buy the Complete Set Now and SAVE over 65% off the individual recordings ($204 Value)!? This is the entire 2010 Conference set of 50 MP3’s on either a physical DVD or .zip file download.



This Set contains the following tracks:

Frugal Homemaking

One Mom, Many Kids…

Stud Talk for Men

Choosing Curriculum

Comprehension and Composition

POPS: Building a Love of Learning

Multi-Level Teaching

Cultivating the Heart of the Next Generation

Getting Ready for the First Day of School

Capturing the Heart

The ABC’s of Following Minnesota’s Homeschool Law

Singled Out!

Hands-on Dad

Raising Kids Who Love to Learn

How to Teach Geography

Parent’s Rights:? A Crisis is Coming

On Leaving the Nest:? How and When to Release Your Arrows

Learning Naturally: An Insight into Charlote Mason Education

Forging Ahead:? Apprenticeships in the 21st Century

POPS:? Show and Tell

Training Young (and Old!) Brains to Retain

Testing and Evaluation:? Understanding Standardized Achievement Tests

Hot Topics for Support Group Leaders

Shedding Light on Depression

Finding the Balance of Love and Discipline

Creating a Lifestyle Learning Environment

Finding Freedom in Fences

Starting Right – Staying Right

Four Seasons of Fruitful Parenting

Equipping Our Children to be Self-motivated Christian Thinkers

Real Life + Real Books = Real Education

Organized (…well, almost!)

POPS:? Growing with Literature

Expanding Your Understanding of the World and Its Cultures

Seven Enemies That Everyone Must Defeat

POPS:? Wearing the Mommy/Teacher Hat

How to Teach Children to Follow Instructions

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Planning and Preserving

Six Concerns on the Heart of Every Parent

Lesson Planning for Children with Special Needs

Breaking the Shackles:? Why Parents Should Trust Themselves

Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget

MnKnows:? Online Resources for Minnesotans

Hands-on Character Building

Seven Secrets to Help Kids Think for Themselves

Lessons from a Cattle Drive

Preparing Your Special Needs Child for Life Beyond Homeschool

Holding Their Hearts

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