2011 Conference – Complete MP3 Set


Buy the Complete Set Now and SAVE over 65% off the individual recordings ($412 Value)!? This is the entire 2011 Conference set of 102 MP3’s on either a physical DVD or .zip] file download.



This Set contains the following tracks:

Running the Race – Keynote

The Day I Burned My Neighbor’s House Down – Keynote

Hope for Parents Raising Kids with Fetal Alcohol

How to End Every Discipline Time with A Positive Conclusion

The Logic of English

Vision Related Learning Disorders

POPS: Growing with Literature

Vital Principles for Making Biblical Choices in Life

Academics for the Glory of God

Preparing Your Teen for Life

Organizing Your School Time

The Mystery of the Dinosaurs

Ten Training Tips for Running the Homeschool Marathon

Important Pit Stops during High School

Understanding Your Child

Raising Kids Who Love to Learn with Guidance, Great Books, and Good Times, Ltd.

Looking Ahead to High School: Preparing Now to Be Equipped

A Well-Planned Day? Yes, It Is Possible!

The Secret of Adding Spice to any Curriculum

Preventing and Teaching Struggling Readers and Spellers

Unlock the Smart in Your Child

Raising Children to Be Intentional Christians in a “Whatever”? World

Record-keeping for High School: Simplifying the Process

ELM: Supporting the Home Educator’s Curriculum

Which Way Do I Go?

Learning with Living Books

Struggling Learners, Struggling Teachers

Ten Deadly Myths about Homeschooling Math!

Gaining Confidence to Teach

High School Transcript Clinic

What Are You THINKING? Learning Styles and Beyond

Wisdom Spelling

If I’m Diapering A Watermelon, Then Where’d I Leave the Baby?

Charlotte Mason and Her Methods

Classical Education and the One Room Schoolhouse

Designing Your Own Literature Program – A Scope and Sequence Workshop

The Horror of the Flood

Developing a Plan

Choose the Hard Things

The Works Trilogy

POPS: Wearing the Mommy/Teacher Hat

Simplicity as a Way of Life

The Unified Approach to Teaching

Exploring Courtship – Finding a Mate in Treacherous Times

Don’t Miss the Gift in This Child

Experience Excellence in Writing

The Tupperware Toy

Getting Off to a Great Start

How to Homeschool Many Kids

Becoming the Leader God Intended You to Be: Seven Leadership Principles

Overcoming Learning Difficulties Together

Mingling Properly as a Missionary in Mexico and Latin America

Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education

Teaching Responsibility by Knowing and Doing the Right Thing

Finding Your Family’s Learning Style

Gaining Confidence to Learn

Occupying Preschoolers While Teaching Older Children

Legally Speaking – Homeschooling and the Law in Minnesota

Latin, the Secret Weapon of Successful Students

Reading Works

How to Correct Children with an Eye on the Heart

The Scoop on Taking Tests for Teens

My Child Loves to Write – and I’m Not Sure What to Do!

The AL Abacus and RightStart Mathematics

Teaching Math with Manipulatives

Laying Down the Rails: The Power of Good Habits in Your Homeschool

If 80% Can’t Keep a Job, What Does Transition Look Like?

“How Long Does God Expect Me to Do This?”

Making Geography Memorable

POPS: Show and Tell

The College Admissions Process

Making History Come Alive

Understanding Seven Secrets of Hitting the Mark

Why Accredit Your Home School?

Help! I Fell Off My Lesson Plan!

Biblical Discipline – Raising an Eager, Obedient Learner

A Prodigal Speaks Out

How to Be the Healthiest Homeschool Family

Charting the Course for High School at Home

Deo Cantamus – Singing Experiences for Children

Teaching the Classics

The Natural Approach to Teaching Thinking Skills

Moti-Venture: Motivating Kids Through Adventure

Combining Classical Education…

The Return to Genesis

Camping in Your Child’s Life

PSEO: Maximize Your Student’s Time, Money and Potential

The Quiet Schooling of Nature

Imagination Investigation: Developing Discernment in a Fictional Fashion

High School Resources at the Click of a Mouse

Secrets of Great Spelling

Lost Secrets of the Ancient Civilizations

If You Left THEIR School Because…

Is Homeschooling Algebra Hurting Your Relationship with Your Kids?

Preparing Sons for Life..The Mom’s Part

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Foreign Language Curriculum

Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World

“You Have How Many Kids!?”

The Pillars of Evolution

Teaching the Junior High and High School Sciences at Home

Creation Science Environmental Learning Center

Creative Use of the Holidays in Homeschooling


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