2012 Conference – Complete MP3 Set


Buy the Complete Set Now and SAVE over 65% off the individual recordings ($416 Value)!? This is the entire 2012 Conference set of 103 MP3’s on either a physical DVD or .zip] file download.



This Set contains the following tracks:

Giving Homeschool Teens a Vision to Change the World – Keynote

Leaving a Godly Legacy: Discipling Your Children – Keynote

Creative and Critical Writing for the College Bound Student

Understanding How Your Child Learns

Living Counter-culturally in an Entertainment-saturated Society

Counterfeit Reality

Questions and Answers on the New Minnesota Homeschool Law

Secrets of Great Spelling

Questions/Answers for Your First Class – Panel

Media and Entertainment: Monitoring What Influences Your Family

Seven Basic Truths Every Family Should Build On

How to Build Lifelong Learners with Math-U-See

The Works Trilogy

Occupying Preschoolers while Teaching Older Children

Realistic Homeschooling for Those with Special Needs Children

Financial Wisdom for Families

Mastering Math Facts with Card Games

Truth in An Age of Pluralism: Understanding Other Faiths

Simple Tools for Brain Surgery (II Corinthians 10:5)

Beginning Reading

How to Build Lifelong Learners with Math-U-See

The Supportive Homeschool Dad: How to Have a Presence in Your Absence

God’s Design and a Girl’s Fractured Identity

The Fun Factor

Evolution Is Against the Law!

Photographic Memory for Math and Test Taking

Why Worldview Thinking Changes Everything

Reading Works

Movies and Curriculum – How They Can Work Together

What About Me?

High School Transcript Clinic and Recordkeeping Help

Unlock the Einstein Inside – Unleash Your Child’s Potential

The Logic of English: A New Way to See Words

Smart Kids Who Hate to Write

Building Readiness Skills

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Foreign Language Curriculum

Taking What Is Common to the Culture and Turning It into a Pulpit (Acts 17:22)

Thinking outside the Box

From Struggle to Success: Incorporating Sensory/Motor Activities into the Classroom

The Scoop on Tests for Teens

Kids and Teenagers with Focus and Attention Issues: A Healing Approach

Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory

Experience Excellence in Writing

Legal Leadership, Godliness, and Choosing Your Battles

The Ways of the Wizards versus the Way of the Wiseman (Colossians 2:8)

Which Way Do I Go?

Hollywood Myths about Noah’s Ark

The Importance of Social Skills

Capturing the Heart of the Next Generation’s Warrior

What Every Son Should Know. What Every Father Should Teach

Fun Science for Young Students

Preparing Teens for the Spiritual Battles after Graduation

Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates

It’s Onomatopoeia, Mom! Using Children’s Stories to Teach Literary Devices

ELM: Supporting the Home Educator’s Curriculum

You Gotta’ Have Heart (Jeremiah 17:9)

Organize Your Home

How to Be a Unit Study P.R.O.

Moti-Venture: Motivating Kids Through Adventure

Language Arts That Really Communicate

Mount St. Helens

Hollywood Myths about Jesus

Learn to Read and Write with PAL

Building Character into Your Child

How to Get into College and Graduate Debt-Free

Hot Topics for Support Group Leaders

Is Following Christ Just a FAD?

Latin, the Secret Weapon of Successful Students

Healthy Eating = Healthy Family

Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Biblical Perspective

The Biology of Auditory Processing and Memory Problems

Supporting and Encouraging the Homeschool Mom

Art: It’s Essential!

Math Outside the Book

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Paul Revere: A Case Study in the Unit Study

Top Ten Homeschooling Myths

PSEO: Take College Courses while in High School

Character Instruction: A Critical Part of Every Class

Have Fun Teaching Spiritual Truths

Perfectionism and Grace in the Christian Family

Teaching the Next Generation How to Start a Business while Supporting your Homeschool Efforts

Important Pit Stops during High School

Organizing Your School Time

Getting Off to a Great Start

Organize Your Child

How to Correct Children with an Eye on the Heart

Pictures of Christ as Savior through a Replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle

Understanding our Disconnected Kids from a Brain-Based Perspective

The Secret of Adding Spice to any Curriculum

Institute for Teen Evangelism – Bible Institute

Bioethics – Made in His Image

Parenting on Your Knees: Prayers and Practical Guidance for Parents

Preventing and Teaching Struggling Readers and Spellers

This Is NOT What I Signed Up For!

Inspiring the Writer in Your Child

Developing a Plan for High School…

Looking Ahead to High School: Preparing Now to Be Equipped

The Homeschool Marriage: From Surviving to Thriving!

Raising Kids who Love to Learn with Guidance, Great Books and Good Times

Get a RightStart in Fractions!

Special Needs Panel

Raising Kids Who Love to Learn

Giving and Receiving Grace for Leadership


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