2015 Conference – Complete MP3 Set


Buy the Complete Set Now and SAVE over 65% off the individual recordings ($356 Value)!? This is the entire 2015 Conference set of 89 MP3’s on either a physical DVD or .zip file download.




This Set contains the following tracks:

Education: Does God Have an Opinion? – Keynote

In the Valley of “How Long?”- Keynote

Navigating Common Core for the Homeschooler

When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool

What’s a Dad to Do?

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle…Rules the World

The ABCs of Minnesota’s Homeschool Law

PSEO: Maximize Your Student?s Time and Potential

How to Build Lifelong Learners with Math-U-See

Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Biblical Perspective

Step-by-Step: Middle School and High School Science Success

Spelling and Grammar and Latin, O My!

The Dinosaur Hunters

How to Create Your Own Winning Story

Christian Homeschooling: Reflecting the Love of God

Shame,Your Family Can Live Without It

Aligning Your Homeschool with Your Child’s Stage of Development

Building a Solid Math Foundation

Spooks, Legos, and Peanut Butter Toast: Makin Language Arts Work Part 1

Spooks, Legos, and Peanut Butter Toast: Makin Language Arts Work Part 2

A Library @ Your Fingertips

Unlock the Einstein Inside

Breaking the Bonds of Doubt and Insecurity in your Child

The ABCs of Defensive Driving Learning How to Crash

Experience Excellence in Writing

Guarding the Good: The Principles of Philippians 4:8

Creating Community with American Folk Music

Teaching With Tapestry of Grace

Sonlight Is About Stories

Spelling You See

Preparing for College Panel

Learn to Read and Write with PAL

Higher Education with a Higher Purpose

How Can I Teach My Kids a Foreign Language When I’m Not Fluent in that Foreign Language?

Motivating Kids Through Adventure!

Releasing Your Child from the Grips of Entertainment: How Art Can Transform Your Child’s Future!

The 5 Skills to Survive The Current Economy

Occupying Preschoolers While Teaching Older Children

This Can’t Wait Until High School! Teaching a Biblical Worldview to Ages 6-14

Out of the Nest: Secrets to Helping Your Student Thrive Post-High School

Understanding Executive Function

From Home to College: Extending the Excellence

Teaching Your Teen Dialectically

Latin, the Key to English

How to Polish Beautiful Stones and the Valuable Lessons You Can Learn!

RightStart? Mathematics and Teaching Children with Learning Difficulties

Making Learning Fun

Gotta Love Those Preschoolers!

Handfuls of Treasure: Embracing Busy Family Life

Claiming the Future: Five Principles to Help Your Kids Become the World Changers of Tomorrow

Homeschooling: How to Get Started

Holidays as Homeschool Curriculum

Opening the Window to Foreign Language in Your Home

Important Pit Stops during High School

Boys Will Be Men

Lies Homeschoolers Believe

Balancing Marriage and Parenting

Speaking Out: Five Big Reasons Why I’m Glad to Be a Homeschool Graduate

Understanding your Child

Developing and Drafting SEPs (Student Education Plans)

Math Wars

Recordkeeping for High School: Simplifying the Process

Take Back the Land

Holding Their Hearts

Common Mistakes Parents Make

Getting Kids to Help at Home

Choosing Curriculum to Fit Your Family’s Needs

Virtues and Values: A Family’s Quest for Conscientious Living Via Literature and History

Raising Healthy Families

The Power of Affirmation

Character Is the Key

Tired. Overworked. Underappreciated. and…Changing the World?

Throwing Light on the Dark Side: Good vs. Evil in Contemporary Youth Literature

Teaching Several Grades at Once

Teaching Math to Struggling Learners

Reading A-B-C’s

Transform Learning through the Art of Asking Questions

Pushing the Reset Button

Debunked! Answering Salt and Light and Other Arguments Against Homeschooling

Organizing Your Home: Creating a Lifestyle Learning Environment

I Don’t Have Enough Patience!

America the Beautiful: Giants of American History

You Can Homeschool Your Struggling Learner and We Can Help

Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler

“Family Time” Ideas for Busy Dads

Jesus or Homeschooling: Which Is the Answer?

Organized (Well, Almost!): Time Management for Busy Moms

“12 Minute” Fitness Solution

Secrets from a Preschool Teacher

Homeschooling the College Bound: Successfully Navigating the Road to Admission


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