John Hunt

5 Business Essentials Every Student Should Understand Before Entering the Workforce

By: John Hunt


The sad fact is that droves of graduating high school and college students are entering the workforce ill-equipped to deal with the realities of the new economy. Is your student one of them? Does your student know how business works or will they be forced to accept a career or vocation that they don’t love just to pay off a mountain of student loans?? The great news is that many parents are discovering that students even as young as 12 years old can start preparing for a bright future that sets them on a path for financial freedom and gives them powerful knowledge and an extra advantage that can propel them to fully use all that God has gifted them with.? Learn from award-winning business author and teacher John F. Hunt as he reveals 5 business essentials every student needs to understand BEFORE they graduate and enter the “real world.?