Chawna Schroeder

50 Flavors of Fiction: Understanding Literary Genres

By: Chawna Schroeder


Stories come in a wide variety. Thrillers keep the lights on late at night with heart-pounding action and terrifying risks. Historical fiction offers vivid descriptions and sweeping prose to breathe life into eras long gone. Satires are sharp and witty, slicing through the inconsistencies of human behavior with cutting sarcasm.? Although the style and content changes with every genre, each one has something valuable to offer us. In reading?and learning to appreciate?every genre, we gain a broader and more balanced perspective of the world. All the varieties can seem daunting at first, however. So “”50 Flavors of Fiction”” will delve into the different divisions of fiction, examining the characteristics, benefits, drawbacks, and applications of the most common genres.