Dianne Craft

Auditory Processing and Memory Issues

By: Dianne Craft


?When my daughter reads, she has to sound out the same word over and over again in the story.? ?If I give my child three simple directions, he only does one?if that! Is he just being inattentive, or is something else going on?? ?My son?s memory is terrible. He?s ten years old and can?t remember the months in order!??Do you have a child or teenager who has (or you suspect he/she has) an Auditory Processing Problem or Short Term Memory Problem?? This can affect so many areas of life, not just academic areas. Let?s take the mystery out of this processing dysfunction, along with the memory issues that seem to go with it.? In this workshop, you will learn: (1) the common myths about Auditory Processing problems, (2) the clear cut symptoms of kids and adults with this issue, (3) the degree of your child?s processing problem, (4) the ten Auditory Processing channels that can be blocked, (5) at home corrections for this issue, (6) effective teaching strategies to ?bypass? the processing problem, and (7) nutritional interventions that improve memory and processing. You will find many answers in this enlightening workshop! So many good testimonies come from parents who implement these easy ideas for themselves or their child!