Dianne Craft

Autism, Asperger’s, and Sensory Processing Issues

By: Dianne Craft


In the United States, one family out of 88 has a child who is struggling with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. One out of 50 boys are in that group. This represents a 500% increase in the past ten years. Homeschooling families are not immune to this phenomenon. These wonderful struggling children can very successfully be home educated. It is an ideal environment for these children whose nervous systems are over reactive to stimuli. In this workshop we will explore the three components of working with a child on the Autism spectrum or with SPD in the homeschool setting: (1) Teaching strategies and curricula that work best, (2) Biomedical and Nutritional interventions that work to settle down the nervous system, and (3) Therapies to access for this child. So, if you have a child, whether diagnosed or not, who struggles with (a) social interactions, (b) has a sensory system that is over reactive, (c) tends to go into his own world frequently, (d) needs to have a routine each day to be comfortable, (e) wants to talk about only one topic, or (f) has delayed speech and communication skills, you will find this workshop very helpful.