Angela ODell

Discover a Charlotte Mason-Style Math Curriculum that Reaches Both the Heart and Mind!

By: Angela O’Dell


We often tend to compartmentalize when teaching children. In real life, there aren?t artificial barriers between ?subjects.? For example, when you are cooking or baking, you have to use the skills of reading, logical thinking, and measuring, just to name a few. In driving a car, you see and read road signs, read maps, and count miles. So why do we say to children, ?This is math, this is language, this is about science and nature, and this is history?? Often the most natural and effective means to teach children is through life examples. Math Lessons for a Living Education, Master Books’ new math curriculum for the elementary levels, combines real life math with Christian values and Biblical Worldview. There certainly may be times when students need to be focused on rote and repetition, but this cannot take the place of math in real life. One without the other is like love without discipline or discipline without love. Content, story, and the ability to show math in real life make a living math book!