Pamela Gates

Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems

By: Pamela Gates


Can a child who is unable to read or who tests two or more years behind in reading be ?caught up? in reading at home?? YES!? Using the unique ?imbedding? method of teaching, your child will make great leaps as the left brain (data hemisphere) and the right brain (visual hemisphere) are taught as a unit. Dianne Craft used this unique method in her Resource Room, working with bright, hard-working teens and kids who were reading two and more years behind.? The BIG DIFFERENCE in these lessons is that traditional methods of teaching are put aside. No workbooks. No writing. No memorizing. No curriculum to buy. Instead, you will be showing your child how to use his strong Photographic Memory for easy retention. Your child will love this method, because he/she will have instant success, even being able to spell words forwards and backwards.