Dianne Craft

Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems

By: Dianne Craft


?My child wants to read so badly, but he struggles so much. He is embarrassed because his brothers and sisters, even the younger ones, can read better than he can. We have tried so many curriculums. They have worked for my other children, but not for him.? Dyslexia and reading problems can seem overwhelming for a mom to overcome at home without a large expense or much outside intervention. It does not have to be that way. Let?s unravel the mystery of reading problems, looking at the ?Four Reading Components? that need to be in place for reading to be easy. Then one by one, we?ll look at how to put those components into place. At this workshop you will receive a free Quick Score Reading Test to give to your child at home to determine his or her reading level. This is the quick reading test that you will give your struggling reader every three months to make sure that the program you choose to use is working. Remember, instead of ?progress? we need to make ?leaps,? which is a two year growth in reading in one year.? These children who are struggling with dyslexia need a completely different approach to reading than your other children did. Many reading programs aimed at children with dyslexia tend to move too quickly for this struggling learner, adding sight words to stories too quickly or adding phonics sounds too fast. The mother and child start the program strong, but end up in tears of frustration because the child can?t keep up.? Together we will explore the methods that always work with these struggling readers.