Susan Lovig

Figuring out Your Child’s Learning Style

By: Susan Lovig


How does your child naturally absorb information, and what does their brain do with it afterward? No, it’s not really a black hole in there. Why is Kyle so jumpy and fidgety? Why does Mary always doodle in the margins?? Why can’t Carol stop commenting when I’m reading aloud? How can I turn those tendencies around to actually speed up their learning? Why do some of my children focus on details, but miss the big picture; and others can’t find details with GPS and a guide dog? I study best at a neat desk in a quiet room, but my spouse thinks up the greatest thoughts in the midst of absolute chaos. How can we be so different? What do my children need? Getting a handle on all of these aspects makes it so much easier to understand how your student interacts with their homeschooling, as well as why you are reacting the way you do to your student! Come for a fun, lively, fact-filled session that will forever impact the way you teach!