Peggy Ployhar

Healthy Eating = Healthy Family

By: Peggy Ployhar


You have heard these suggestions over and over again: eat healthy…avoid bad fats…increase your bean consumption..and many more of the like. And, even though you desire to make healthy food choices for your family, no one seems to be able to tell you how, at least in practical terms. Well, help is here! In conjunction with Dianne Craft’s dietary suggestions for gut healing, Peggy transformed her own family’s diet to aid the healing process and the results were miraculous. Peggy is going to share her secrets about how you can change your family’s eating habits and have a healthier family. This class will include cooking demonstrations, samples for tasting, recipes and meal planning ideas, information on how to start a whole-food buying club, details on how to find local farmers, and suggestions for starting a simple garden.