Dr Bernard Mauser

Higher Education with a Higher Purpose

By: Dr. Bernard Mauser


Rivendell. Dr. Bernard Mauser. At one time, God supplied education with a Grand Story, a comprehensive worldview that explained all of life. This context gave meaning to all its individual parts. As a result, students received a full education. They understood the big picture and how each subject fit into the greater whole. When God and His Story were removed, the liberal arts and sciences degenerated into a meaningless, potpourri of isolated subjects notoriously referred to in colleges as the General Education Requirements. This problem is easily remedied. By simply injecting God’s Story back into the liberal arts and sciences, what was once meaningless, suddenly becomes a meaningful, orderly and coherent whole. As a result, students gain interest and have a reason to learn. At Rivendell, we have developed a curriculum, where the liberal arts and sciences are studied one subject at a time in a sequence that follows the divine flow of the biblical narrative. Our college program imparts higher education with a higher purpose.