Home Educating vs Homeschooling – 2022

By: Alex & Cassie Deputie


Life doesn’t need to be compartmentalized and neither does your homeschool. Homeschooling doesn’t need to mean that you replicate school at home. Adventure lurks around every corner in life and home educating your children simply means they get to come on the journey of life with you!


Come to the Deputie’s (Alex and Cassie) workshop as they share how changing their mindsets from homeschooling to home educating drastically altered their approach to how they “do school” as a family. They will share what life looks like for them as a family of 10 balancing ministry, self-employment, campaigning, and everyday family life using every opportunity to educate their children and raise them to ultimately become mature, Christian adults. Prayerfully, this workshop will free each and every family up to not only enjoy the education process, but witness incredible results in character, academics, and ambition in yourself and your children.


The Deputie’s will share how they’ve applied God’s Word to their lives, specifically in how they educate their children. They will also share how they work together as husband and wife in finding time to dedicate to the training and equipping of their children for life. The simplicity and creativity of applying God’s Word will encourage you. They will also share hilarious stories that will definitely make you feel like you aren’t doing that bad of a job after all!