Dana Wilson, speaker

I Should’ve Gone to Clown School! Disabilities, Giftedness, and Typical Learners. Oh My!

By: Dana Wilson


What is a teaching parent to do when the one room school house feels more like a three ring circus? For those of us whose families include children with disabilities, children with exceptional gifts, and typical learners, one size fits NONE! Is there any hope for success in a homeschool with so many varied needs? Dana?s encouraging message is that, yes, you are still your children?s first and best teacher. God made all of your children on purpose ? for His eternal purpose. Sharing from her own experience and data gathered over nearly twenty years in the special/exceptional homeschool education community, this workshop will inspire and encourage families to not grow weary in this work of eternity. From big picture family vision to day-to-day juggling of lessons, therapies, and activities, parents get a glimpse of the glory God has in mind for their homeschool.