Zan Tyler

Laughter Is the Best Medicine: Marriage Lessons from Real Life

By: Joe TylerZan Tyler


Joe Tyler says, “Zan was my best friend and ministry partner when we were in college. I knew I loved her and wanted to know how she felt about me; so out of the blue (we had never dated), I proposed to her during our junior year. She didn’t speak to me for a month.” ? In spite of this rocky start, Zan and Joe have thoroughly enjoyed thirty-five years of marriage. They have experienced many joys and triumphs and weathered many storms. Along with the varied hats Joe wears in the home, he is in charge of attitude adjustments and comic relief.? Being able to laugh through the years has helped me survive things like threats of jail, the pressures of twenty-one years of homeschooling, and the stress of life in general. Joe makes sure I laugh a lot,? says Zan. Come enjoy a refreshing session of humor and encouragement as Joe and Zan share candidly about the ups and downs of married life (including their biggest fight ever), while focusing on the biblical principles that have served as the unshakeable foundation of their marriage. Understanding and embracing the magnificent biblical vision of marriage is the key to a vibrant relationship.