Learn how to strengthen Learning, Processing, Attention, and Behavior through Motor Skills! – 2023

By: Dolly Lowery and Macy Hanson


Did you know that the strongest path toward reading and handwriting development is based on strong balance, bilateral coordination, and smooth eye tracking? Recent research has shown that Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive processing is critical for learning to become easier and happen naturally for all students and those with neuro-diverse needs. While most learning today focuses on curriculum, motor skills are the foundation of every skill we learn. “We must perceive in order to move, but we must move in order to perceive”. Neuroscience gives us ways to enhance brain connectivity, which allows a child to absorb what’s being taught, so they naturally perform at a whole new level. When you address the source of brain connectivity you can transform the quality of life for your child and your entire family. In this workshop, you’ll learn the formula for success:
~The neuroscience behind ongoing learning and development barriers ­
~How to strengthen brain and body connectivity to overcome barriers
~BrainyAct, a brain enhancement program in the form of an engaging and interactive game that cross-trains the brain with body movements to build connectivity
~How to add BrainyAct to the homeschool day or homeschool co-op to elevate learning and performance
~Testimonials and real-life outcomes from other homeschool families.