Diana Waring

Learning: A Breathtaking Adventure

By: Diana Waring


Does that ring true for you? Is learning a breathtaking adventure in your homeschool, or more of a weary forced-march, plodding through endless subjects? One of the most difficult aspects of homeschooling is breaking away from the model of education that we grew up with. A desk, a flag and an apple symbolize the “look” of school, while “lecture, drill and test” describe the method of school, the method that left us passive and bored. It’s time to enter a whole new world of education to find a captivating – breathtaking – way to learn. Join Diana for this refreshing, reviving, and reinvigorating workshop where you will discover the best brain practices in learning, the environment that encourages learning, and the many nontraditional ways students can practice what they are learning. Take a new look at practical, proven, and possible ways to make your home school journey a wondrous adventure.