Learning & Teaching History from a Biblical Worldview – 2021

By: Angela O’Dell


In this session, Angela dives into the how’s and whys of teaching history from a Biblical worldview. As an author who has worked for more than a decade to produce history curriculum that reaches into the heart of the student, she shares her heart and passion for teaching history in a fresh and relevant way for this generation of homeschooling parents and children.

A few of the questions and topics covered in this workshop:

  • I don’t want to teach my children a religiously sterilized version of history. What does history from a Biblical worldview look like?
  • Why is it important to learn history from a Biblical worldview? Isn’t history just history?
  • My kids don’t like history; how do I make it interesting to draw them in? [Teaching children their place in history.]
  • When should I start teaching my kids history?