Linda Crosby

Making History Come Alive

By: Linda Crosby


It ?IS ?possible ?for ?the ?subject ?of ?history ?to be entertaining,?exciting, ?and ?educational, ?not ?only ?for ?your ?kids, ?but ?for ?YOU!? If ?you just rolled your ?eyes, ?this ?history-teaching ?rejuvenation ?session ?is ?the ?one ?your ?kids want ?you to attend.? Linda ?has ?been ?keeping ?history ?alive ?in ?their ?homeschool ?for more ?than? fifteen years through ?hands?on ?learning.? You ?CAN ?step ?away ?from ?the text and ?make ?history real. Our children need to know how God orchestrated each era of history and it is our job to teach them. Linda will ?share ?ideas ?galore ?for ?your ?note?taking? pleasure for each of the stages of history.?(Papier mach? ?will ?only ?be ?mentioned ?once – maybe ?twice.)