Dr. Steve Scheibner

Living on Borrowed Time: The Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent – 2019

By: Dr. Steve Scheibner


As a pilot for American Airlines, Steve was very close to the events of 9/11. Steve was originally scheduled to be the co-pilot on AA Flight 11, the first flight to be hijacked on September 11, 2001. Through an extraordinary set of divine circumstances, Steve was bumped from that flight the night before by a more senior pilot. Now, he tells his deeply moving story of God’s providence on that terrible day in our history. Come discover why God gave Steve a second chance and how He now uses him to teach parents all around the world to parent with purpose and urgency, as he introduces you to The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent. Intensely practical and Bible-based, it is designed to give parents both the tools they need and the necessary hope to build a Christ-centered, character-driven home environment. This is a great way to revitalize parents in the all-important task of parenting.