Jamie Erickson

It?s Homeschool, NOT School-at-Home – 2019

By: Jamie Erickson


We mothers who choose to homeschool do so because we want to provide something different for our children than what the other guys are offering. We assume that simply ?taking the road less traveled? will make all the difference. Our kids will be happy, healthy, and well-educated. The end. And yet, so often, we allow our past experiences and expectations of school to hitchhike into this new journey. ?Real? school and ?real? teachers are all we know. The traditional model with all its formulas and figures is burdensome. So many of the practices are necessary and good over there, but only because of the specific challenges of teaching a hoard of children at the same time. Those same practices, when used here, constrict. Square peg. Round hole. Like an anchor threatening to pull us under, ?real? school is ruining our homeschool. If we?re to survive, and better yet, thrive, we?ll need a new way of looking at teaching and learning at home.