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Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World – 2021

By: Todd Wilson


Let’s fact it! Most men today are yellow-bellied, Lilly-livered weenies. They may wear tall Stetsons, drive fast cars, bungee jump from bridges, collect souped-up power tools, and carry big black Bibles, but they’re weenies.

They flex their biceps and proclaim their faith, but when the economy collapses, the newest pandemic hits the scene, a family crisis arises, or the going gets tough…they play it safe.

Truth is: god wants your sons to leave the heavily-populated, safe waters and live dangerously. He wants your sons to trust dangerously, work dangerously, and love dangerously. But that doesn’t come naturally. Everyone around them, from the talking heads in the media to the pastors in the pulpit, keep repeating, “Play it safe.”

Here’s a secret: dangerous living leads to joy, family happiness, and real success. While safe living results in worry, family failure, and heartache.

So join Todd as he encourages you and your sons to GET DANGEROUS.