Beth Mora

The Road to Homeschool Co-op Utopia – 2019

By: Beth Mora


Are we there yet? Homeschool co-op utopia is a place where community, learning, and great memories live. However, the road to a great co-op experience is not without ups and downs or unexpected turns. A well-organized co-op can make all the difference between success and an ?I?ll never do that again? road trip. Join Beth Mora, homeschool co-op leader and teacher, as she shares from her years of experience and piles on an armload of resources to help you create a successful homeschool co-op. If you are in a co-op, thinking about starting a co-op, or wondering what life is like in a co-op, then this session is where you will want to take a seat and fasten your seatbelt! We are going to great places!?