Mike Pehl

Safety Secrets of New Car Technology

By: Mike Pehl


Engineering improvements to our vehicles have been?accelerating rapidly in the last decade. But most drivers are unaware of unexpected ways these changes can affect the safety for themselves and their passengers! Do you know which devices in your car contain rocket fuel? Do you know how to accurately?evaluate the crash-worthiness of a vehicle before purchasing it? Are you aware of a hidden danger for paramedics rescuing passengers from a hybrid vehicle? Have your children been taught about the risk of positioning their?backpack in the wrong location? Do you know the one element in a car that overrides all others in terms of how well you can survive a crash? What are the risks for all of us on roads that may?include?driverless cars??Mike Pehl will open your eyes to fascinating facts that most people do now know, and help you protect your loved ones whenever you are driving.