Frank Sherwin

Scientific Evidence for Creation

By: Frank Sherwin, M.A.


Exhibitor:? Institute for Creation Research. We regularly hear from critics that “creation is either something you believe or don’t believe, but there’s no evidence for it.” The clear case for creation has as its foundation what Paul teaches in Romans chapter 1: that God’s living creation (even though it has been marred by sin) is “clearly seen.” Mr. Sherwin begins his presentation by describing the tools needed to discover objects that have been made (‘created’) vs. objects that form over time, chance and natural processes. Non-technical evidences for creation are then presented from the microscopic world (bacteria) and the macroscopic world (animals such as the bat and wood-pecker). Even evolutionists like the late G. Hardin of U.C. Santa Barbara admit that – nature itself challenges evolutionary theory. ? The presentation is summarized from verses from Romans 1.? Presented by Frank Sherwin