Bill Mellien

Show Yourself a Man: 1 Kings 2:2 – 2019

By: Bill Mellien


EXHIBITOR WORKSHOP (Christian Service Brigade). Today?s boys are being assaulted by our culture. Masculinity is now considered ?toxic.? ?Masculinity does not objectively exist!? In fact, in their new guidelines for therapists, the American Psychological Association (APA) says, ?Psychologists should help boys and men create their own concepts of what it means to be male.? The report criticizes ?individuals with religious affiliations and conservative social and political views, who may equate masculinity with heterosexuality.? These folks, hints the APA, need to be cured of their errant views. We will look at how today?s culture is affecting our boys, how masculinity is being stripped away, and what the Bible says we can do about it. You will be empowered

to make a difference in the life of your son and other boys in your community.