Pamela Gates

Smart Kids Who Hate to Write

By: Pamela Gates


If you have a child who groans and fusses about writing, or still writes reversals, or spells a word orally correctly but leaves out letters when he writes, this workshop is for you! These children are often thought of as sloppy, lazy, or unmotivated, when they really have a writing glitch. They are using way too much energy for the writing process, thus are reluctant to put pencil to paper for anything. The writing-learning gate is the most common gate that is blocked with gifted kids. They know so much, but just can?t get their thoughts down in writing because of this blocked learning gate. In this workshop, you will be shown a daily exercise you can do with your child to get the writing into his ?automatic? brain hemisphere, and take the stress out of his writing system. You will also learn your child?s eye/hand dominance, and what that means.