Dianne Craft

Teaching the Right Brain Child

By: Dianne Craft


Half of the population is right brain dominant and half is left brain dominant. So you may have a right brain learner in your midst! These wonderful children learn in a different manner than their left brain siblings. If you have a child who does not ?like?? school work no matter what you do, you will learn much in this workshop.? You will learn how to identify the right brain child and learn how to teach them. (As a bonus, you will also understand your spouse, since we tend to marry the opposite hemisphere?God?s sense of humor!) Research shows that 50% of the population stores information more efficiently in their visual, right brain memory.? From math fact storage to vocabulary tests, these powerful visual memory techniques work with all types of learners, and can be a God-send for a child who has an auditory processing glitch. Have a happier child this year. (This even works with adults!)