Dianne Craft

The Biology of Behavior

By: Dianne Craft


Johnny is a constant motion machine. Tom cries in frustration over minor matters. Susie hates loud noises. Carol acts ?spacey? and forgets the things she knew the day before. Harold is eleven years old, and filled with anxiety. Could common physical symptoms such as athlete?s foot, rashes, leg pains, allergies and stomach aches be related to these children?s behavior and learning issues? The answer is a resounding, ?YES?! Remember when your mom told you that ?fish is brain food?? Well, she was right. Current brain research shows that the brain is 60% FAT. Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, hyperactivity, bipolar, depression, and sensory integration problems are associated with essential fatty acid deficiency. Learn the clues your child is giving. It is easy to correct these conditions at home and dramatically affect your child?s learning day.