Denise Eide

The Logic of English: A New Way to See Words

By: Denise Eide


EXHIBITOR WORKSHOP:??Logic of English?— Have you always believed English is illogical and inconsistent?? In this workshop your understanding of English will be transformed! Award-winning author Denise Eide will reveal phonograms and spelling rules which explain 98% of English words. No longer will you need to tell your children ?that is an exception? when they misread or misspell a word.? We will learn: The rule which explains the two sounds for C in accent and describes more than 6,000 words! Three of the nine reasons for a Silent Final E. Why we drop the Silent Final E in servicing but not in serviceable, and much more!? Why many math and science minded kids struggle with reading and spelling.? Do not miss this revolutionary workshop. You will leave wondering why someone didn?t tell you this in kindergarten.