Pamela Gates

Training the Photographic Memory

By: Pamela Gates


?Visual memory is far superior to auditory memory. It is essentially perfect.? (The Brain Book, Peter Russell) Many people think that some are just born with a ?photographic memory.?? But we now know that this amazing ability can be easily taught. Everyone looks smart when these strategies are used.? Spelling Bee winners store their words in their photographic memory for quick retrieval.? Your child can do this, too! It?s easy to train! No writing. No workbooks. Just using their strong photographic memory. Do you have a child who struggles with reading? Use their strong photographic memory to make a two-year gain in reading in one year!? If your child is a poor test-taker, teach him/her the powerful technique of studying for tests by taking a picture of the contents of a chapter.? These memory techniques are commonly used by Cambridge University students to reduce studying time. Make learning easier this year! Using one?s photographic memory is one of the most powerful learning tools you can give your child.