Dianne Craft

Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory

By: Dianne Craft


?Visual memory is far superior to auditory memory. It is essentially perfect.? (The Brain Book by Peter Russell) Many people think that some are just born with a ?photographic memory,? but we now know that this amazing ability can be easily taught. Teach your children learning strategies that are taught at Cambridge University.? Research shows that there are more ?megabytes? in the right brain for memory storage. Learn techniques for imbedding ?data? on ?visual stimuli.? These visual memory techniques work with all types of learners and can be an essential learning tool for a child or adult who has an auditory processing glitch. Everyone looks smart when these strategies are used. Spelling Bee winners store their words in their photographic memory for quick retrieval. You will learn the easy, powerful Right Brain Reading method Dianne used in her Resource room to help all of her students make a two-year gain in reading and spelling in one year!? You can do this, too. Watch your children become good spellers and readers by using a totally different strategy! Help your children get in touch with the ?smart part of themselves? and be forever grateful to you for it. This method even works with adults!