We, the Keepers of History – 2023

By: Angela O’Dell


Many of us grew up despising history – or at least what was passed off as history! As the author of the heart-focused history curriculum, America’s Story and The World’s Story, Angela shares her heart and passion for teaching history in a fresh and relevant way for this generation of homeschooling parents and children. Angela’s motto is: if it’s boring, it’s not real history! The hundreds of thousands of families who tune into her immensely popular history podcast, Real Cool History for Kids (launched in July 2019), agree with her – there is nothing better than hearing amazing history stories told from a distinctly Biblical worldview perspective. Only by learning through this perspective can we understand our own true position and purpose for such a time as this.

But learning history is not all fun and games. As history marches forward, more and more libraries – public and private – are purging older, first-hand accounts of what are now considered to be antiquated and politically incorrect events throughout history. As an avid antique book collector (and rescuer), Angela has amassed an impressive library of hundreds of books dating back to the early years of our nation. Part of this session is a discussion about how we, as home educators, can and must take part in saving these accounts for future generations.

A few other topics covered in this workshop…

  • Why is it important to learn history from a Biblical worldview? Isn’t history just history?
  • When should I start teaching my kids history?

Do I have to teach history in chronological order?