Johann Marsland

Your Changeable Brain

By: Jen BeystJohann Marsland


(Jen Beyst and Johann Marsland will be co-presenting this workshop.) Google “brain plasticity”? today – a term not even in our vocabulary 30 years ago – and you will find more than 940,000 entries brimming with information about how our brains remain changeable throughout our lifetime. Scores of news articles, documentaries, research papers, and web sites tout the fact that neuroscientists are finding evidence that confirms lifelong neuroplasticity. This is exciting news for people of all ages! During this professional development workshop, cognitive skills training experts will help you understand how to unlock your students’ potential by strengthening weak cognitive skills. Studies show that weak cognitive skills cause more than 80% of all learning and reading struggles. They will share proven ways you can complement your own teaching style to strengthen those skills and boost ability, achievement, and confidence in every student.