MACHE speaker, Kris Cox

You’ve Finished Your Homeschool Journey: What’s Next?

By: Kris Cox


Is there life after homeschooling? Many moms who have just finished the journey of homeschooling their children feel like displaced home educators. It?s almost an identity or mid-life crisis experience because, after investing so much time into educating our children, we suddenly don?t know what we?re supposed to do!??We?re no longer?”homeschool moms.? We feel like we?ve lost our job, co-op community, and even our identities. And oftentimes our children are also leaving home, so we?re experiencing an ?empty-nest syndrome? as well. How can we make this transition go more smoothly? This workshop will help you work through some of the emotional struggles that come with finishing your homeschooling career and will help you find direction for your future.