Alicia Leiviska & Angie Gallagher

Alicia Leiviska is a mother of three and small business owner. From her years supporting families through special needs diagnosis to building her trade business to local politics, she is respected for her integrity and grit. She is passionate about educating families on how to advocate for themselves from the community to the Capitol.
Angie Gallagher is a mother of five and an 17 year homeschool veteran. When her youngest son experienced seizures following a medical procedure and her daughter was diagnosed with severe autism, simultaneously, she began connecting with other local families. From those connections birthed an entire support network of parents, providers, educators and legislators statewide.
Alicia & Angie met through national online support groups and then through their children’s doctors office. Together they now direct Minnesotans for Health & Parental Rights, a pair of companion nonprofits with the mission of education, support and self advocacy. While the formal organization is recognized as the largest health & family advocacy group in the state, they are most driven by supporting the community behind the cause.